Managem is the World’s most advanced project management system which helps you to run your business efficiently and effectively, providing all of the tools that you need to communicate with your clients and your team.

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Managem is a comprehensive web-based project management system designed to streamline the process of planning, executing, and collaborating on projects. It provides a powerful set of tools to facilitate project planning, task management, team collaboration, and progress tracking. Leveraging Node.js for the backend, React.js for the frontend, and PostgreSQL for the database, Managem offers a robust platform for effective project management.


  • Efficient Project Planning: Managem allows for the creation of detailed project plans, allocation of resources, and establishment of milestones, providing a clear roadmap for project execution.
  • Real-time Collaboration: The platform promotes seamless team collaboration through features such as task assignments, file sharing, and discussion threads, ensuring effective communication.
  • Resource Optimization: Managem aids in the efficient allocation of resources, ensuring tasks are assigned to the right team members based on their skills and availability.
  • Task Tracking and Progress Monitoring: Users can monitor task progress, track deadlines, and receive timely notifications, enabling them to stay on top of project milestones.
  • Customizable Dashboards and Reports: Managem offers customizable dashboards and generates insightful reports, providing stakeholders with a comprehensive overview of project status and performance.

Key Features

  • Project Creation and Management: Create projects, set objectives, and define project scopes.
  • Task Assignment and Tracking: Assign tasks to team members, monitor progress, and manage deadlines.
  • Team Collaboration: Facilitate real-time communication, file sharing, and discussion threads.
  • Resource Allocation: Efficiently allocate resources based on skills, availability, and workload.
  • Dashboard and Reporting: Customize dashboards and generate reports for project analysis and performance evaluation.

Installation Requirements

To set up Managem, ensure your system meets the following requirements:

  • Node.js and npm: Install Node.js and npm (Node Package Manager) to run the application.
  • React.js and Create React App: Install React.js and Create React App to manage the frontend development.
  • Express.js and Node.js: Utilize Express.js as the backend framework for handling HTTP requests and routing.
  • PostgreSQL Database: Set up a PostgreSQL database to store project, task, user, and transaction data.
  • Sequelize ORM: Implement Sequelize ORM for PostgreSQL in Node.js to facilitate database operations.
  • JWT (JSON Web Tokens): Implement JWT for secure authentication and authorization.

Getting Started

  1. Download or Clone the Repository:
    • Download or clone the Managem repository from the provided source.
  2. Install Dependencies:
    • Navigate to the project directory and run npm install to install all necessary dependencies for both frontend and backend.
  3. Configure Environment Variables:
    • Set up environment variables for database connection, JWT secret, and other configurations.
  4. Database Setup:
    • Set up the PostgreSQL database and configure the connection in the application.
  5. Run the Application:
    • Use npm start to start both the frontend and backend servers concurrently.
  6. Access the Application:
    • Open your preferred web browser and navigate to http://localhost:3000 to access the Managem Project Management System.

Technical Architecture

Managem follows a microservices architecture, with separate services for user authentication, project management, task tracking, and communication. It employs RESTful APIs for communication between frontend and backend services. PostgreSQL serves as the primary database for storing project data, user information, task details, and more.

Used Technologies

  • Backend: Node.js, Express.js
  • Frontend: React.js, Create React App
  • Database: PostgreSQL, Sequelize ORM


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