Programming Language:  Javascript

Framework: Nodejs, Mongoose, express.js, Squelize

Database:  MySQL, PostgreSQL

Authentication:  Basic Authentification

Additional Libraries/Tools:  cors, Nodemailer

JavaScript Framework/Library: React.js, Axios, Popper.js, Chart.js

State Management: React Hooks

Styling: CSS

HTTP Library: Bootstrap, Materialize

Build Tools: Webpack

Testing Frameworks: 

Backend Version:  Nodejs(15.14.4)
Frontend Version: Reactjs(17.0.1)

Database Schema Version: 

Hosting Platform:  AWS, Heroku, Google Cloud

Server Configuration:

Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD): GitLab CI/CD

Containerization: Docker 

Third-Party Services: 

Dependencies: fullcalendar, select-picker, react-spinners, react-tooltip, use-force-update

IDE: VsCode

Version Control: Git

Documentation Tools: 

Understanding the technologies and versions used in the application’s backend and frontend is essential for developers, administrators, and users alike. This section provides a detailed overview of the underlying technologies, frameworks, tools, and version information, ensuring clarity and transparency in the development and deployment processes. For more specific details on each