Dashboard Overview:

1. Rooms:
– This section provides an overview of all the rooms in the hotel.
– View room numbers, types, current status (clean, dirty, occupied), and any additional details.
– Access options to add new rooms, edit existing room details, change room statuses, assign guests, and delete rooms if needed.

2. Check-Ins:
– Stay up-to-date with current check-ins.
– View details of guests who have recently checked in, including their names, room numbers, check-in dates, and any special requests.
– Manage check-in information and make necessary updates if required.

3. Messages:
– Keep track of important messages and notifications.
– View and respond to guest inquiries, requests, or feedback.
– Ensure timely communication with guests to enhance their experience.

4. Beds:
– Monitor and manage the beds available in the hotel.
– View bed numbers, types, current status (clean, dirty, occupied), and additional bed details.
– Utilize options to add new beds, edit existing bed information, change bed statuses, assign customers, and delete beds as needed.

5. Employees:
– Access information about the hotel’s employees.
– View employee names, positions, contact details, and work schedules.
– Manage employee details, add new employees, update roles or contact information, and handle employee-related tasks.

6. Blogs:
– Explore the latest blogs and updates related to the hotel.
– Read and publish blog posts about events, promotions, local attractions, or other relevant topics.
– Engage with guests by sharing valuable information through blog posts.

7. Housekeeping:
– Monitor and manage housekeeping tasks and schedules.
– Assign housekeeping staff to specific rooms or areas for cleaning.
– Track the status of room cleaning (completed, pending) and ensure efficient housekeeping operations.

This dashboard provides a comprehensive view of essential aspects of hotel management, allowing users to efficiently handle room allocation, guest check-ins, communication, employee management, content sharing through blogs, and housekeeping operations.