Welcome to the Check-In Module User Guide for our Hotel Management Web Application. This guide will walk you through the various functionalities and features available to manage guest check-ins within the hotel.

1. To access the Check-In Module, log in to the Hotel Management Web Application using your credentials.
2. Once logged in, navigate to the “Check-Ins” section from the main dashboard.

The Check-In Module in our Hotel Management System streamlines the guest check-in process, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience for both guests and hotel staff.

1. View Check-Ins:
– Upon entering the Check-In Module, users can view a list of all current check-ins.
– Each entry displays guest names, room numbers, check-in dates, and any special requests or notes.
– Users can easily search for specific check-ins by guest name, room number, or date.

2. Invoice Generation:
– The module allows staff to generate invoices for guests, detailing room charges, additional services, and any applicable taxes.
– Customize the invoice based on the guest’s stay duration, room type, and selected services.
– Ensure accurate billing and provide guests with a clear breakdown of charges.

3. Order Laundry Service:
– Guests can request laundry services directly through the Check-In Module.
– Specify laundry preferences such as wash, dry, fold, and ironing.
– Staff can track laundry orders, update statuses, and notify guests when their items are ready for pickup.

4. Order Food and Beverages:
– Guests can conveniently order food and beverages from the comfort of their rooms using the Check-In Module.
– Browse the menu, select items, and add special instructions or dietary preferences.
– Staff receive real-time notifications of orders, ensuring prompt delivery to guest rooms.

5. Order Extra Bed:
– If guests require an additional bed during their stay, they can request it through the Check-In Module.
– Specify bed preferences such as single or double, and the staff will arrange for delivery to the guest’s room.
– Keep track of bed orders to ensure prompt service and guest satisfaction.

6. Order Housekeeping Services:
– Guests can request housekeeping services through the Check-In Module to maintain their room’s cleanliness.
– Specify cleaning preferences, such as daily cleaning, bed linen change, or room refresh.
– Staff can efficiently manage housekeeping tasks, update statuses, and schedule services as needed.

7. Checkout Process:
– When guests are ready to check out, staff can initiate the checkout process through the Check-In Module.
– Generate the final bill, review charges with the guest, and process payment.
– Update room status to “Checked Out” and prepare the room for the next guest’s arrival.

With the Check-In Module, hotel staff can provide exceptional service, fulfill guest requests promptly, and ensure a pleasant and memorable stay for all guests. The module’s user-friendly interface and comprehensive features streamline operations, enabling efficient management of guest check-ins, services, and checkouts.


Thank you for using our Hotel Management Web Application’s Check-In Module User Guide. This guide should help you navigate and manage guest check-ins efficiently within the system. If you have any further questions or encounter issues, please reach out to our support team for assistance.