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10 Best Javascript Projects to Build your Skills


One of the most popular scripting languages, JavaScript is used in all the web applications for validation, rendering dynamic content, interactive graphics and maps, and much more. Along with HTML and CSS, JS has the power to build complete, robust web applications. Because of JS, the user can interact with a web page and see all the interesting elements on the page. As we explore the projects, we will come to know-how js helps in building interactive web pages. Before that, let us quickly go through the important features of JS:

  • Used on both client-side and server-side to create interactive web content.
  • Greatly improves user experience by providing dynamic functionality.
  • Light-weight language having object-oriented capabilities.
  • Interpreted, open and cross-platform language.
  • Seamless integration with Java and HTML.

Why JavaScript Projects?

JS is the heart of any web application. Good knowledge of JavaScript can get you a range of challenging and interesting career options like developing mobile and desktop apps, building dynamic websites from scratch, UI/UX designer, or even a full stack developer. If you know the basics of JavaScript, projects are your next step to add stars to your resume. If you don’t have any prior programming experience, you can take up basic JavaScript courses and then come back to these projects. If you follow a bit of HTML & CSS, you will understand most of the Javascript projects with the source code mentioned below.

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