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Exploring Java.util

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The java.util package is a fundamental part of the Java Standard Edition API, providing a wide array of utility classes for various purposes. In this tutorial, we will delve into some key components of java.util and demonstrate their usage through practical examples.

1. Collections Framework:

1.1 ArrayList:

1.2 HashMap:

2. Date and Time:

2.1 LocalDate and LocalTime:

3. Miscellaneous Utilities:

3.1 Scanner:

3.2 Random:


The java.util package is a treasure trove of utility classes that simplify common programming tasks. This tutorial covered a subset of functionalities, including collections, date and time, and miscellaneous utilities. As you explore further, you’ll discover more gems within the java.util package, each designed to make your Java programming experience more efficient and enjoyable. Happy coding!

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