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Creating a SOAP Client with Apache CXF and Spring Boot

This tutorial will guide you through the process of creating a SOAP client using Apache CXF and Spring Boot. We’ll cover each step, from setting up the project to configuring the SOAP client with CXF’s powerful features, such as interceptors and the CXF bus. By the end of this tutorial, you’ll have a solid understanding of how to build and configure a SOAP client in a Spring Boot application, ready to interact with SOAP-based services.

Step 1: Set up a Spring Boot Project

Create a new Spring Boot project using your preferred IDE or Spring Initializr. Include the following dependencies:

  • Spring Web
  • Apache CXF

Step 2: Define the Service Interface

Create a Java interface that defines the methods you want to call on the SOAP service. For example:

Step 3: Configure the SOAP Client with CXF Bus

Create a configuration class to define the SOAP client bean and configure the CXF bus. This class will use JaxWsProxyFactoryBean to create the client proxy and configure the bus.

Step 4: Create the Main Application Class

Create a main application class for your Spring Boot application.

Step 5: Run the Application

Run your Spring Boot application. The SOAP client will be created and configured automatically, and you’ll see the result of calling the service method in the console.

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