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Integrating ZooKeeper with Spring Boot


ZooKeeper is a distributed coordination service for managing large-scale systems. In this tutorial, we’ll explore how to integrate ZooKeeper with a Spring Boot application. We’ll cover the setup of ZooKeeper, the integration with Spring Boot, and the implementation of basic operations such as service registration and configuration management.


  • Java Development Kit (JDK) installed on your machine
  • Maven installed to manage dependencies
  • Basic knowledge of Spring Boot

Step 1: Install and Configure ZooKeeper

First, you need to install and configure ZooKeeper on your local machine or a remote server. You can download ZooKeeper from the official Apache ZooKeeper website (

After downloading and extracting the ZooKeeper archive, navigate to the conf directory and create a zoo.cfg file with the following content:


Replace /path/to/zookeeper/data with the path where ZooKeeper will store its data files.

Step 2: Start ZooKeeper

To start ZooKeeper, navigate to the bin directory of the ZooKeeper installation and execute the following command:

./ start

You should see ZooKeeper starting up and listening on port 2181 by default.

Step 3: Create a Spring Boot Project

Next, create a new Spring Boot project using Spring Initializr ( or your preferred IDE. Add the following dependencies:

  • Spring Web
  • Spring Cloud ZooKeeper Discovery
  • Spring Cloud ZooKeeper Config
  • Spring Boot Actuator (optional)

Step 4: Configure ZooKeeper Properties

In your file, configure the connection properties for ZooKeeper:

Step 5: Implement Service Discovery

Create a REST controller to demonstrate service discovery using ZooKeeper:

Step 6: Implement Configuration Management

Create a controller to demonstrate configuration management using ZooKeeper:

Step 7: Run the Application

Run your Spring Boot application. It will automatically register itself with ZooKeeper and make itself available for service discovery.

Step 8: Test Service Discovery

Access the /services endpoint of your Spring Boot application to retrieve a list of registered services. You should see your service listed there.

Step 9: Test Configuration Management

Access the /config endpoint of your Spring Boot application to retrieve a configuration property from ZooKeeper.


In this tutorial, you’ve learned how to integrate ZooKeeper with a Spring Boot application for service discovery and configuration management. ZooKeeper provides a robust solution for managing distributed systems, and by integrating it with Spring Boot, you can easily leverage its features in your microservices architecture.

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