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Spring Boot Exception Handling Tutorial


Exception handling is a crucial aspect of any application development. In Spring Boot, effective exception handling can improve the overall robustness and reliability of your application. This tutorial will guide you through the process of implementing exception handling in a Spring Boot application.


Make sure you have the following installed:

  • Java JDK (8 or higher)
  • Maven
  • Your preferred IDE (IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse, etc.)

Step 1: Create a Spring Boot Project

You can create a new Spring Boot project using Spring Initializer or your IDE. For this tutorial, let’s use Spring Initializer.

  1. Visit Spring Initializer.
  2. Choose your project settings (e.g., project type, language, Spring Boot version).
  3. Add dependencies: “Spring Web” and “Thymeleaf” (for demonstration purposes).
  4. Click “Generate” and download the project.

Step 2: Create a Custom Exception Class

Create a custom exception class to represent the specific exceptions you want to handle. Let’s create a custom exception named ResourceNotFoundException.

Step 3: Implement Global Exception Handler

Create a global exception handler to catch and handle exceptions across the entire application. Create a class named GlobalExceptionHandler.

Step 4: Throw Custom Exception

In your controller or service layer, throw the custom exception when needed. Let’s update the default controller in the generated Spring Boot project.

Step 5: Test the Exception Handling

Run your Spring Boot application and test the exception handling by accessing the endpoint that triggers the custom exception.

  • Access http://localhost:8080/api/resource/1 to see the ResourceNotFoundException in action.


Congratulations! You’ve implemented exception handling in a Spring Boot application. This tutorial covers the basics, and you can expand it by adding more custom exceptions and handling specific cases based on your application’s requirements. Effective exception handling is essential for building robust and reliable Spring Boot applications.

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