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Exploring A Tutorial with Examples

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Introduction: is a versatile package in Java that provides classes and interfaces to support networking operations. It enables developers to create robust network applications, communicate over the internet, and handle various network protocols. In this tutorial, we will explore key components of the package with practical examples to illustrate their usage.

Example 1: Basic Networking with InetAddress

The InetAddress class provides methods for working with IP addresses and hostnames. Let’s create a simple example to retrieve information about a host:

Example 2: TCP Server and Client Communication

Let’s create a simple TCP server and client to demonstrate basic socket communication. First, the server:

And the corresponding client:

Example 3: URL Handling

The URL class in Java allows us to work with URLs easily. Here’s an example that fetches the content of a web page:


The package in Java provides a robust set of tools for handling networking tasks. This tutorial covered basic InetAddress usage, TCP server and client communication, and URL handling. As you delve deeper into network programming, you’ll discover additional classes and functionalities within the package that cater to more advanced networking scenarios, including UDP communication, socket options, and more. Happy coding!

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