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Building a Spring Boot with MongoDB Integration

Step 1: Set up a Spring Boot Project

Start by creating a new Spring Boot project using Spring Initializr or your preferred IDE. Include the dependencies for “Spring Web” and “Spring Data MongoDB.”

Step 2: Configure MongoDB Connection

Open your file and configure the MongoDB connection settings:

Step 3: Create a Model

Define a simple model class representing a document in MongoDB. For example:

Step 4: Create a Repository

Create a repository interface that extends MongoRepository:

Step 5: Create a Service

Create a service class to handle business logic:

Step 6: Create REST Endpoints

Create a REST controller to expose the functionality:

Step 7: Run and Test

Run your Spring Boot application and test the endpoints using tools like Postman or cURL. You can send HTTP GET requests to retrieve employees or POST requests to save new employees.

This basic example provides a foundation for building more complex Spring Boot applications with MongoDB integration. Feel free to extend and customize based on your specific needs.

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