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Introduction to Spring Boot and Mockito

This tutorial aims to guide you through the basics of using Mockito in a Spring Boot application. Mockito is a powerful mocking framework for Java, commonly used for testing purposes. We’ll cover the fundamentals of setting up a Spring Boot project, creating a simple service, and using Mockito to write effective unit tests.

Step 1: Set Up a Spring Boot Project

Follow the steps mentioned in the previous example to set up a Spring Boot project with the necessary dependencies.

Step 2: Create an Entity and Repository

Create an entity class (e.g., and a repository interface (e.g.,

Step 3: Create a Service Class

Create a service class (e.g., that interacts with the repository.

Step 4: Write a Test Class

Create a test class (e.g., to test the UserService class using Mockito.

Step 5: Run the Test

Run the test class in your IDE. Ensure that the tests pass, indicating that your service class interacts correctly with the repository, and the Mockito mocks behave as expected.

This example demonstrates how to use Mockito to mock interactions with a repository when testing a service class in a Spring Boot application.

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